Wholesale Customer Ordering Procedure

Please read carefully before ordering

Wholesale customers must login to their accounts prior to placing an order so that the wholesale discounts will be applied. Please keep the following in mind while placing your wholesale order:

1. In order to receive the wholesale discount you must add minimum quantities of certain items.
Cards ==> At least 6 cards per design.
Bookmarks ==> At least 6 bookmarks per design.
Magnets ==> At least 3 magnets per design.
Holiday 10 Packs ==> At least 15 packs (mix and match).
No minimums for Daily Examen cards, New Serenity Prayer Prints and other large prints, or Combo Packs.

2. Holiday 10 Packs must be sold as packs, not as individual cards in your retail store.
Shipping Charge and Tax

1. The shipping charge shown on the shopping cart may not cover the actual shipping charge for large wholesale orders. In cases when additional shipping is required, our staff will email or call you and alert you to the extra charge.

2. The state sales tax shown on the shopping cart does not apply to wholesale orders.

Placing a wholesale order at our website serves as acknowledgement of these guidelines.

Online Order Form

If you know which cards you would like to add to the cart, you can save time by adding them all at once with our online order form. Call the CBA office if you have any questions. We are here to help!

Using Purchase Orders

You are welcome to make your order by using a purchase order number that you choose. On the checkout page you can select "Pay with Purchase Order" in the dropdown menu for "Payment Type". You will need to input your "Company Account Number" (which is your CBA customer number) and the PO number you want to use. Your customer number can be found on the email that was sent to you when your account was established. All purchase orders will be invoiced with payment expected within 30 days of shipping.